Scarborough Congregation

A Short History

In the early 1950's, owing to the great population expansion of the Toronto area, Toronto Branch (now known as Toronto Congregation), which was then located on Bathurst Street just south of Eglinton Ave. W., decided that they should be divided into several missions. As a result, the church members living east of the Don River formed two missions; the Southeast Mission and the Scarborough Mission.
The Scarborough Mission, under the leadership of Elder Will Bailey, held its first meeting in Clairlea Public School on October 16, 1955, with thirty members present. The Southeast Mission met at the Orange Hall on Rhodes Avenue under the leadership of Elder George Bell. Both missions continued to prosper, and on November 2, 1957, the Scarborough Mission was organized by Apostle D.O. Chesworth as a full fledged branch with Elder A.F. Edwards elected as President. On November 5, 1957, the Southeast Mission was also organized by Apostle D.O. Chesworth and renamed Fairmount Branch, with Elder George Bell elected President.
These two branches continued to grow, but, due to the lack of vacant land in the area and the ever increasing costs, it was agreed to amalgamate the two congregations. In 1962, the two congregations were united under the name of Scarborough Branch. Elder A.F. Edwards was elected President of the newly united branch, with Elder George Bell his Counsellor.
In December of 1958, at a general business meeting, a Building Committee was elected to plan a House of Worship and Fellowship Hall. A Sod Turning Service was held on Sunday, May 19, 1963, at the site of today's Scarborough Congregation building. The building itself was completed by October 31, 1963. A Consecration Service was held November 3, 1963, with High Priest Orlin Crownover, former President of the Toronto District, as Guest Minister.
The spiritual development of the Scarborough Congregation has continued unabated over the many years. Various programs for individuals and groups of all ages and genders have touched the lives of hundreds of friends and members of the community. We are proud to have hosted many programs over the years.
Today, Scarborough Congregation continues its tradition of outreach by supporting a wider community. We host a program for developmentally delayed adults every weekday in our building. We send Christmas boxes around the world. We support programs in undeveloped countries that promote education, sustainable income, health, and the protection of women.