Christmas Boxes

For several years, Scarborough Congregation has supported Operation Christmas Child by donating hundreds of Christmas shoeboxes and paying for their shipment to locations around the world.
Operation Christmas Child is a hands-on way for Canadians to bless struggling children in the developing world by filling shoeboxes with toys, hygiene items, school supplies, and other items. The Christmas shoebox gifts are collected and distributed in the name of Jesus Christ to children living in desperate situations around the world.
Operation Christmas Child is an important way to remind children suffering as a result of war, poverty, famine, disease, and disaster that they are loved and not forgotten. Each year, millions of shoeboxes are packed with gifts by people in Canada and nine other “sending” countries, and given to children in more than 100 “receiving” countries.

Help Support Our Christmas Box Program

Scarborough Congregation is proud to participate in Operation Christmas Child. If you would like to help support us in this endevour with a tax deductalbe donation, please visit the Give to Scarborough Congregation page and be sure to indicate that your contribution is for Christmas Boxes.
Below are some of the messages we have received from around the world from recipients of Scarborough Congregation's Christmas Boxes

Dear Friend
My name is Adama Dieme. I am in nursery school in the village of Mlomp, Bignona Department, Region of Ziguinchor, Senegal. I am in the first year.
I received a gift in which I found this address.
On behalf of all the children of my school and the schools of my village of Mlomp, I thank you and thank you again.
We have the happiness of your gift, your wealth, your joy.
We were really happy when we received this gift, we with our parents all together.
Thank you !!!
Thankful, With Gratitude
Hello. My name is Kristell Castro. I am from Villarreal in the province of Guanacaste in Costa Rica. Yesterday, one of my children received a Samaritan’s Purse box and he was super happy and blessed with everything that came. May God give you more always.

From Justin for my friend Joisann. I am grateful for what you sent me.
Hello, my friend that I don’t know. I have received the gift that you sent. Everything is very nice. My name is Justin and I attend the Assembly of God Church in Liberia, the province of Guanacaste in Costa Rica.